Škoda Tour (en)

The Škoda Tour is an annual meeting of Škoda car owners, enthusiasts and friends. Our members have cars of every production year from the older ones up to the newest models. Whole families come to our meetings, we have seen elderly people as well as babies who cannot even walk, but everyone drives the cars with Škoda badge on it.

This meetings were started in 1966, when the fans of the "Winged arrow" met in camps in Czechoslovakia and later in other countries. Several organizations take part in organization of the event. The main role played AZNP Mladá Boleslav (old name of Škoda Auto factory), regular periodicals etc. In 1994, the heads of Škoda Auto and Autoklub Škoda MB negotiated, that the Autoklub Škoda will coordinate the event supported by the producer of Škoda cars - Škoda Auto a.s. In 2000, an "International Škoda Tour council" was founded that brings together representatives of the participating countries and coordinates the activities of the clubs.

In the the early years, participants came mainly from GDR to stay in the country, that their favourite cars were produced in. Later participants from Denmark, Great Britain and Netherlands joined the Tour. These days, participants from 11 European countries attend the. number of participants varies between 200 to 400 people. Most of them come regularly every year. There are friends from Germany and from Denmark, who have attended more than 20 times.

This meeting of Škoda Tour takes place in the Czech Republic - the home country of Škoda cars every 3rd year. In the Czech Republic, the event is organized by Automotoklub Škoda. In between, the event is organized in another country organised by a local Škoda Club. The meeting, running all the week through follow the common model (stereotype) which consists from both technical and clubbabel activities. The main goal is to keep connections and up-to-date informations of the Škoda cars as well as getting to know new regions and friends from other clubs (countries).

Topics of the programme :

  • Presentation and promotion of the cars of Škoda Auto
  • The day of Škoda - conference with Škoda representatives, car exhibition
  • Club programm
  • Both organised and individual trips
  • Sports activities
  • Awarding prizes